Group Health Insurance

As independent insurance agents, we provide lots of options – making sure your employees get the best coverage, while saving the business money.

We service both large and small groups with Anthem, United HealthCare, Allied and National General. We can offer Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Long and Short Term Disability, Gap Insurance and ancillary products. There are multiple plan options including fully funded plans and partially self funded plans. We work with our clients to find options that work best for the company and employees.

We will work together to find what health benefits your employees want and need. By shopping for group health insurance through an agent, you can get:

  • No-cost consultation service that includes a complete cost-analysis of your health insurance needs
  • A professional who can meet face-to-face with each of your employees and be there year-round to answer benefit questions
  • Advice from a licensed professional who is knowledgeable about the group health market
  • Help from someone locally, which could make it easier for your company
  • Working with an agent can help with employee satisfaction and retention

Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees do I need to get group insurance?

Most states require a minimum of two full time employees to have a group insurance plan.

How much do I need to contribute toward monthly premiums?

Most companies require a minimum of 50% to be contributed by the employer.

What group health insurance coverage options are available?

Coverage options vary with each company. Variations include: deductibles, co-insurance, maximum out of pocket, co-pays at doctor or Emergency Room, and prescription drug coverage co-pays. There also fully funded plans and partially self funded plans.

Can I bundle vision or dental care when purchasing a group health insurance plan?

You can add vision and/or dental insurance to your group health insurance plan. When you do, you’re offering your employees a valuable total benefits package. When purchasing group dental or vision, it is usually at a much better rate than what an individual would receive for similar coverage.