Individual Health Insurance

We offer a variety of options for Health Insurance: Medi-Share, Limited Benefit Plans, Short Term Medical, and Group Health Insurance.

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Medi-Share is a Christian healthcare sharing program where members pool their financial resources and share the medical expenses of other members. When you join Medi-Share, you select your desired Annual Household Portion (AHP) which works just like a deductible does for traditional insurance. You then make monthly payments that typically cost around 60% less than your premiums would be with normal health insurance.  

So long as you’ve paid more than your AHP in the past year, Medi-Share simply pays the bill for you using the monthly shares of other members. If you haven’t yet reached your AHP, then they negotiate the best discount they can and you’re mailed a bill for the rest. Membership is open to Christians who are devoted to living a Christian lifestyle. You will not be quizzed on the bible or asked to prove you attend church. Medi-Share works largely because it is a community of like-minded members with strong Christian values.

Members in a Health Care Sharing Ministry such as Medi-Share are exempt from the individual mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act found in 26 United States Code 5000A(d)(2)(B).

Limited Benefit Health Plans

Limited Benefit Health Plans also known as Hospital & Doctor Fixed Indemnity Plans
Key features of these insurance plans:

  • Choose any licensed doctor or hospital in the country.
  • No coordination with other forms of insurance, which means that you get paid a fixed amount for a covered service regardless of when or how other health insurance you may have pays the claim.
  • There is no lifetime maximum benefit.

This type of plan gives multiple options for health coverage with a more affordable premium. United Healthcare now has the Health ProtectorGuard – offering coverage with simple, straight-forward benefits for doctor visits, hospital stays and more.

Short Term Medical

Short Term Medical is an immediate issue, customizable health plan that features these much-sought-after options:

  • Up to 364 days of coverage
  • Immediate approval for qualified applicants
  • No paperwork — clients enroll online

Short Term Medical plans are a great fit for those who are in between jobs or are unable to qualify for or afford Cobra coverage. We have multiple companies that offer Short Term Medical plans.

Allied Pivot Health
Short Term Medical

Short Term Medical

Short Term Medical